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Homedics 16 Drift Sandscape - Cream

Homedics 16 Drift Sandscape - Cream

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The HoMedics 16 drift sandscape elevates your space and mind, leaving you free to daydream, focus, and create. The metal sphere takes your eyes on a soothing journey through hundreds of everchanging patterns and colors. Customize your ambience with mesmerizing LED mood-lighting pulses that you can control from the app. The shifting sands allow you to drift whenever and wherever it suits you to increase relaxation, inspire creativity, boost your mood, and enhance focus. Start to drift in four easy steps. After a quick and easy assembly, power up your sandscape by plugging it into an outlet near a desk or side table. Download the app and follow the simple setup instructions, then turn on your sandscape to drift and invite calm in.

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