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Worx 20v - 3pc Combo Kit (Blower, Trimmer, And Hedge Trimmer)

Worx 20v - 3pc Combo Kit (Blower, Trimmer, And Hedge Trimmer)

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Stop making yard work such a chore and get the 20V Max Lithium Power Share 12 Cordless Grass Trimmer with In-Line Wheeled Edging. That sounds like a lot, but it couldnt be easier to use. Just pull the head down and rotate it 180 to switch between Trimming and Edging functions. The shaft telescopes down if youre a short gardener, or it elongates if youre tall. And it tilts 90 so you can trim underneath the deck, the bushes, or the dog. The handle is adjustable, too, making this 2-in-1 Trimmer and Edger the most comfortable lawn & garden tool youll ever use. The Auto-Feed Line Management System gives you the right length for the most precise cuts every time. The Flower Guard will keep you from tearing through the tulips. At only 5 1/2 lbs. it wont tire you out to carry around.

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