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Schecter 668 Pt Special Electric Guitar - Aqua Burst Pearl

Schecter 668 Pt Special Electric Guitar - Aqua Burst Pearl

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The Schecter PT Special is one special instrument. Boasting immense versatility a twangy tonal attitude as well as searing hot vintage flavour the PT Special gives you all the snarl you could dream of while sporting undeniably good looks too. Seen in the hands of Pete Townshend you know this is a true icon and it s perfect for a multitude of musical scenarios.Bold head-turning addictive. This PT Special packs a shedload of classic single-coil charisma while push/pull capabilities allow you to break the mould like never before. Plus it feels superb as well expect to unleash with blissful comfortable speed and complete control thanks to a meticulously designed C -shaped neck. It s blissful. Experience world renowned Schecter class as this PT Special builds upon their ethos of excellence ensuring this PT Special offers nothing but dreamy tone with a sumptuous feel to match. You re about to take your skills to the next level - welcome to the Schecter family.

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