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6 8 Casper Hybrid Surfboard, Aqua

6 8 Casper Hybrid Surfboard, Aqua

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[Performance Focused Hybrid Surfboards]: All SBBC Hybrid Surfboards are custom designed to be semi-beginner friendly, incredibly durable, and very performance focused. Check other Performance soft top boards and youll find NOBODY offers the incredibly high quality shapes, materials, and design like SBBC does. Fingerprint Textured Wax-Free Foam Top Deck + Fiberglassed Bottom Deck + FCSII Fin Boxes + Shaka FCS Fins + Leash = The Ultimate Wave ready set-up. [2.03m Casper Funboard Surfboard Specs]: 2.03 x 0.53 x 0.06m - 45L of Volume | Supports Surfers up to 220lbs - The 2.03m Casper = A True Hybrid Soft Top Funboard - Our favorite shape yet, the 2.03m eggy style and wide shape keeps catching waves easy and cruising and carving stylish and fun! All 1.82m Casper Hybrid Surf Boards feature rounded-out noses, widened chest areas for easier pop-ups, & Swallow tails for wildly fun performance. The all-in-one Summer surfboard, the hybrid of the hybrids. [What s Included?]: All 2.03m Casper Hybrid Surfboards include (1) 2.03m Hybrid Soft Top/Hard Bottom Funboard Surfboard with FCSII Fin Boxes + (3) Proper FCS Black Shaka Fins (Thruster Set-Up) + (1) Fin Key + (1) 2.13m Surfboard Leash [What is a Hybrid Surfboard? ]: The Hybrid Surfboard series is the ONLY Soft-Top + Hard Fiberglassed Bottom Surfboard on the market - The crafting of the board is the same as traditional high performance fiberglassed board with a Wax-Free Foam deck resined to the top deck. Every shape is custom designed and tested to ensure the most fun performance shapes possible. [Why SBBC Hybrid Surfboards?]: All SBBC Hybrid Surfboards feature ?Wax-Free Soft Top Deck, ?Hand Glassed, Wood bottom Decks, ?CNC-Machined EPS closed-cell foam core, ?FCSII Fin Boxes & FCS Fins, ?[1] Full length I-Beam wooden stringer, ?[2] 6oz layers of resin for extra durable boards, ?Tapered Rails + Proper Nose/Tail Rocker for the size/style of the surfboard

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