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Napqueen 8 Inch Maxima Hybrid Mattress, Twin-Xl Size, Cool Gel, Bed In A Box

Napqueen 8 Inch Maxima Hybrid Mattress, Twin-Xl Size, Cool Gel, Bed In A Box

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The Ultimate Bedtime Experience: If you are tired of old, less supportive mattresses that affect your sleep quality, you can say goodbye to those and choose the NapQueen mattress memory foam, which was specially designed to offer comfort, support and durability that guarantees restful sleep. Innovative Hybrid Design: Featuring an advanced hybrid design that combines a traditional spring mattress with a soft foam mattress, our hybrid mattress provides superior ample support and spine adaptability but also amazing comfort and a luxurious touch! Comfort is Essential: Our firm mattress is 8-inch thick and has multiple soft foam layers and a spring box specially developed to ensure spinal support and promote optimal sleeping patterns. The memory foam is infused with cool gel for enhanced breathability and a cooling effect! Medium Firm Mattress: This memory foam mattress features a medium firm design for better back support. The mattress is covered in a soft plush outer layer that feels luxurious and wraps your body in comfort and warmth. Wide Range of Options: The NapQueen hybrid mattress is available in 5 different sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, perfect to upgrade your matrimonial bedroom, kids bedroom, student dorm, apartment, RV, or guest room!

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