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X-Men Women s Rogue Premium Costume, Adult Unisex, Size: Medium, Green

X-Men Women s Rogue Premium Costume, Adult Unisex, Size: Medium, Green

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Southern Hospitality Rogue isn t like the other X-Men. Not by a longshot! She hails from Mississippi, so not only does she possess that sugary sweet southern accent, but she s well versed in the art of southern hospitality. That means when she s using her super strength to pummel a bad guy into pulp, she still makes sure to be kind and polite about it. She might even shake Mister Sinister s hand before throwing him through a wall. Actually, maybe she could teach Wolverine a thing or two about being polite! Of course, she s also unique when it comes to her superhero suit choice. She didn t stick to the team theme of blue and yellow back in the 90s, and she s not about to let Professor X s poor sense of style effect her choice in attire! Fun Details So, are you the type of hero who follows her own style rules? Then cosplaying as Rogue is right for you! This X-Men Rogue Premium Costume helps you look like the iconic X-Men powerhouse. The form-fitting jumpsuit recreates her signature outfit from the 90s animated series. It features the dynamic yellow base with vibrant greens down the sides and sleeves. The Xsymbol is proudly displayed on the chest, to make sure that all the baddies know your affiliation right off the bat! The foam boot covers let you wear any pair of your favorite shoes with this outfit since they work with most boots. The gloves add an authentic touch to the outfit! After all, you don t want to go touching Gambit without them, or you might just knock him unconscious! Easy as Pie, Sugar! This Rogue costume combines a dash of southern charm with a vibrant color scheme to create a unique look for any dedicated cosplayer. It s quite possibly the easiest way to dress up like your favorite X-Men character. Just remember to practice your southern accent, sugar!

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