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Rockshox Zeb Ultimate Rc2 A2 Suspension Fork - Black / 170mm / 44mm

Rockshox Zeb Ultimate Rc2 A2 Suspension Fork - Black / 170mm / 44mm

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With the all new Charger 3 damper, Debonair+ air spring and Buttercups fitted as standard, the 2023 Rockshox Zeb Ultimate is the most capable enduro fork from Rockshox yet. Completely redesigned for 2023 the all new Charger 3 damper brings totally independent High and Low speed compression adjustment, eliminating any cross talk between the two adjustments. To complement the revised damper, the Debonair+ air spring allows riders to use less air pressure and gives a more supportive ride throughout the stroke, meaning less spacers are required to achieve a ride thats supple off the top but still gives good bottom out resistance. All new for 2023, Buttercups are fitted as standard on all Rockshox Ultimate forks. Working in a similar way to an engine mount on a car, or a chainsaw handle, Buttercups reduce high frequency vibrations transmitted through the fork by an average of 20%, reducing rider fatigue and improving front wheel tracking. Available in 160-190mm of travel, in 10mm increments, the new Zeb is Rockshoxs flagship enduro fork, ready for anything the Tweed Valley can throw at it.

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