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Kask Zenith X2 Helmet Orange

Kask Zenith X2 Helmet Orange

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Making slight modifications to the popular Zenith X helmet, enabled KASK to achieve additional safety standards. While the Zenith X2 still retains certifications for the ANSI Type I and EN 12492 clauses it has always met, KASK made an adjustment to the Zenith X to comply with the ANSI Type II requirements. A size adjustment system which integrates three components for all-day comfort. A new, double diameter dial allows for easier size adjustments. Ergonomic side wings ensure a fast and secure fit against the back of the head. The patented self adaptive live hinge is the latest, self-adjusting fit technology that moves as the wearer moves. Chinstrap designed with eco-leather, a synthetic leather made using sustainable materials and processes, that provides high degrees of comfort and significantly reduces irritation to the skin. Hypoallergenic and washable. Helmet designed with integrated slots that enable visor adapters to mount face protection and eye protection to helmet. Advanced composite fabric integrated with Hydrocool moisture-wicking technology and exceptionally soft textiles for enhanced user comfort. Infused with a deodorizing silver ion treatment. Helmet designed with a low density inner core optimized for protection from top impacts. High-density inner shell component that provides stronger side impact absorption. Temperature of use: -22 Deg F.

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