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Minecraft Zombie Prestige Child Costume

Minecraft Zombie Prestige Child Costume

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An Undead Mob Of One Minecraft is one of those popular games that simply will never go out of style. Children of all ages love it, and it even manages to teach them a few skills along the way. In the game, Zombies tend to move in mobs and foil a lot of the best-laid plans. This makes them a sort of cult classic for kids who play the game for hours on end. To the point that some kids even want to go as one for Halloween trick or treating. If this sounds like one or even three kids in your household, then behold this officially licensed Minecraft Zombie costume. A Childs Size Minecraft Zombie This officially licensed Minecraft Zombie costume is made from polyester and other high-quality costume materials. It looks every bit like the iconic zombie mobs from the game. It even offers full arm, leg, and head coverage. Though the mask is relatively easy to see out of and breathe through thanks to a pair of wide, rectangular viewports.

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